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Elastacloud are a Cloud Platform and Data Science Consultancy.

Elastacloud are a Cloud Architecture and Data Science Consultancy who specialise in bringing intelligence to your data. We apply Data Science techniques to new datasets to drive value into our customers allowing them to harness the hidden potential of their data. We are leaders in Advanced Analytics, and are paving the way for cutting edge developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but are also unparalleled in the fields of Azure Architecture, Power BI, SQL, Machine Learning, R and Python.

Our team are the best in their field, and we are considered industry thought leaders. We currently have 3 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) working in our technical team. Our founders Andy Cross and Richard Conway are 2 of only 6 Microsoft Regional Directors in the UK, who directly advise Microsoft leadership on technological innovation and development. Elastacloud were the only Microsoft partner to be involved in creating the Microsoft Data Science Degree Programme.

Elastacloud have always been technically profound, but have a focus on Business Outcomes. Our expertise is replicable across all verticals, meaning we have wide and varied experience in all sectors. Our track record of success ranges from Banking & Finance through to Construction, Manufacturing and Retail. If you have data with yet untapped potential, Elastacloud have the knowledge and expertise to utilise it most effectively.

The Elastacloud Team is currently split across our 2 offices in London and Derby. While we come from very small beginnings, our team is rapidly changing and expanding, and we are proud to now have such a diverse group of talented and industrious individuals working with us.

Our Directors Andy and Richard founded the UK Azure User Group in 2011, and the group is sponsored and run by Elastacloud. The group brings together users and developers of Microsoft Azure and regularly attracts hundreds of keen community members to monthly meetings across the UK. The group has hosted some of the best speakers in the Technical community, and the now has around 2,000 active members.

For 4 of the past 5 years, the group has hosted Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft, drawing over 1,000 attendees to each event. We have also hosted several AzureCraft events specially aimed at children and young people to encourage them to get into programming in an engaging way by teaching them how to build their own Minecraft servers.

We encourage those who work for us to be active members in the technical community. Elastacloud sponsor several other Meetup groups that are founded and run by our team, including ‘Internet of Things and Data Science Innovators UK’, ‘The UK Cloud Infrastructure User Group’ and ‘Inspiring Women in Data Science.’ 

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