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Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence visualisation solutions help you to reap the benefits of data analysis and insight.

Many companies feel that using a simple spreadsheet to view and manage their business data is enough for their current needs, or that Business Intelligence solutions require too much additional setup or training to use effectively. However visualising data will often reveal patterns that would be impossible to see without clear and concise. Business Intelligence solutions allow companies to visualise their data in a way that leads to proper analysis and real business outcomes.  Elastacloud provide custom-built BI dashboards which are visually stunning and so instinctual to use that you’ll finally see how easy it is to unlock the potential of the data you’ve had stored in Excel for years.

Elastacloud offer the full package when it comes to Business Intelligence, from proof of concept all the way through to implementation, and we even offer training from our most senior business intelligence experts. PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and more; whatever your preference, whatever you’re currently using, Elastacloud have the experience and expertise to create stunning visualisations to do your data justice.

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