Parquet.Net is a .NET library to read and write Apache Parquet files.

Jul 12, 2017

E-commerce company , an up and coming online fashion retailer, have experienced enormous sustained growth over the past five years. They have recently decided to build a team of Data S
Oct 3, 2018 is about to be released in the following few days. Since v3.0 was pushed to the public, it saw a lot of interest and appraisal for it's incredible perfor
Oct 27, 2017

Some pretty good news on the speed front - indicative of our gut feeling that parquet-dotnet is a fast implementation of Parquet for the dotnet framework due to our approach. It's worth noting that we
Oct 23, 2017

This is a big release, including a lot of speed and stability improvements: new features: - data representation internally changed to c
Sep 9, 2017

Spark abstracts the idea of a schema from us by enabling us to read a directory of files which can be similar or identical in schema. A key characteristic is that a superset schema is needed on many o
Aug 28, 2017

After several years of watching the Data Science ecosystem develop we decided to contribute back and try and influence it towards the myriad of capability that exists in .NET and Azure. The first pass
Aug 13, 2017

The Azure data platform is awash with ways of querying data. From relational, nosql and unstructured data you generally want to minimise the movement of data at the point of querying. At Elastacloud w
Aug 3, 2017

Latest @ApacheParquet for .NET introduces support for appending data to existing files and reading into CSV with type inferring. This is great news for big data scenarios because now you can generate
Jul 27, 2017

As part of our efforts to drive down the barriers to working with Parquet in the .net and Microsoft ecosystem, the Parq commandline is our first go-to tool for quickly inspecting the contents and stru
Jul 11, 2017

Things are moving rapidly forwards with a new PR merged in today that brings in a full SNAPPY support into parquet-dotnet. This pull request came from our newest collaborator, Sandy May - it's fantas
Oct 26, 2018

We've been working hard on Parquet.NET to give developers high level abstractions over Parquet so that there is an easy entrypoint into developing with Parquet that is not onerous for developers new
Feb 13, 2018

Did you know that it's possible to extract data from Parquet files in Azure Data Lake Analytics ? Well it is and the library just received a couple of updates, check it out over on its Github page.
Oct 24, 2017

In order to reach a wider audience and engage more developers to use Parquet even in their spare time we're happy to announce that Apache Parquet Viewer works on Xbox One! This is possible because the
Oct 23, 2017

Traditionally viewing .parquet files requires some sort of online service, being it Apache Spark, Impala, Amazon AWS etc. However, when working in your local development environment it's really hard t
Sep 6, 2017

new features: - INT64 (C# long) type is supported (#194) - Decimal datatype is fully supported (#209). This includes support for simple System.Decimal, and decimal types with different scales and prec
Aug 15, 2017

new features: - Reader supports nested structures. - Parquet output is now compatible with AWS Athena - Writer can append data to existing file improvements: - Parquet metadata sets page sizes accordi
Aug 3, 2017

Writing 1 million records with @ApacheParquet for .NET takes 9 seconds. And we haven't worked on performance optimisations yet.
Aug 1, 2017

I'm happy to announce that @ApacheParquet for .NET has reached it's stable status and is now officially released as v1.0 on Nuget. Check out out official GitHub page
Jul 18, 2017

We're very pleased that Microsoft's TechNet UK blog recently published an article on Parquet .Net , outlining what it is, how it works and what situations it is useful for. With that blog post as a
Jul 11, 2017

Yesterday we completed a commit that includes full (reader and writer) GZIP support for the parquet-dotnet library. We're working on other compression algorithms, including SNAPPY. As always find the