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Microsoft Azure

 Elastacloud use the Azure Cloud to gain insight from your most fundamental business data.

Google Cloud Platform

The future of the serverless Cloud, made possible for you by Elastacloud.



Elastacloud are proud to be a Polycloud company who create at-scale solutions to data challenges.

The Cloud is now a fundamental part of the operation of most successful businesses, and Elastacloud are no different. The Cloud enables us to perform highly complex analytics and big data work on a massive scale, without compromising on performance. Elastacloud are capable of massively complex advanced analytics due to the Cloud allowing for agility, scale and economy across operations.

In the Cloud, businesses can focus on their business needs without having to support this with an extensive IT operation. Cloud is of infinite scale; it has infinite capacity in storage and compute as there are always more nodes to add in. Provisioning resources within the Cloud allows for geographic distribution of workload with no privilege; North Europe and East Japan are equivalent technologically. On top of this, Cloud solutions are pay-as-you-go, meaning you’re never paying over the odds for the amount you consume, and turning off unutilised resources immediately reduces the associated expense.

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