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Google Cloud Platform


The future of the serverless Cloud, made possible for you by Elastacloud.

Google have long positioned their Cloud Platform at the very cutting edge of Cloud Platforming. Developing and deploying serverless compute services rather than in virtual machines is our favoured methodology, and with Google Cloud Platform that has never been easier. Google’s forward-thinking, Purely-Platform approach embraces Serverless completely and encourages users to build brand new estates, rather than simply shifting their antiquated ones to the Cloud.

Elastacloud use GCP hosted elements to deliver platform solutions that encompass the core technological aspects of data acquisition, storage, cleansing and preparation, processing and analytics and finally visualization of enriched data sets. Google make big data and analytics easy with endless scalability without affecting performance. The ability to build out large, complicated enterprise networks & software development patterns also makes Google Cloud Platform a great choice for our customers.

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