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Microsoft Azure


Elastacloud use the Azure Cloud to gain insight from your most fundamental business data.

Azure has been Elastacloud’s platform of choice for the past 6 years. Our experience is as unparalleled as our breadth of knowledge. We have a proven and consistent track record of delivering Azure solutions from conception to execution across a range of businesses, and constantly strive to improve upon our own successes. We have several Microsoft Azure MVPs working for us, and our founders are two of only 6 Microsoft Regional Directors in the UK, meaning that as a company we have direct insight and influence into the next steps of the Azure Cloud.

Elastacloud are passionate about cloud-native solutions, and Azure is the perfect platform for this. Azure is flexible and gives you the ability to virtualise anything you currently have on premises meaning you will be able to pick up exactly where you left off from, or if you want to start to build out brand new estates, Azure has a set of best of breed solutions, tuned to the cloud and benefiting from the agility, economy and scale of a platform service. Whatever should feel most appropriate for your business, Elastacloud will provide industry leading experts to our customers at any stage in the software development and product delivery lifecycle.

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